Our Services

As well as civil, mining, rail and building projects we have successfully completed a number of commissions.

Our experience in civil construction spans many different industry sectors, which is why we are highly valued by our clients.

A key strength of our project management is being able to keep the project on schedule while maintaining quality.

Our aim is to provide growth and development opportunities for our employees. Millpark offers opportunities across Australia in various areas and positions. Millpark specializes in formwork, steel-fixing, and concrete placement, and the company’s culture emphasizes team play, dedication, and positivity.

As part of our efforts to find people who will contribute to the development of your long-term career, we invest both time and resources.

In addition to providing opportunities for professional growth and career progress, Millpark offers a variety of areas and locations to work in throughout Australia.

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25 + years of hands-on experience in formwork offering solutions for civl, commercial and residential projects

Steel Fixing

Top of the range structural reinforcement through innovation and execution


Concrete placement services for a range of project types and sizes

Civil Construction

A variety of projects were successfully delivered to clients across the building, mining, and rail sectors. The company’s civil projects are done with quality, innovation, and efficiency across a broad range of industries

Towards the achievement of our clients’ objectives, Millpark Constructions can design, execute, control, and close every project. In addition to having strong project management skills, we ensure timely completion of the project without sacrificing quality. Our team delivers civil, commercial and solution projects consistently at Millpark Constructions.


Our flexibility enables us to handle a wide variety of projects under diverse project structures and contracting methodologies


Millpark Constructions offers the ability to plan, execute, control and close every project to achieve the brief set by our clients. Our project management skills are strong and ensure timely delivery of the project without compromising on quality.